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At WEDF we firmly believe that it is only through active collaboration that we have any hope of tackling the challenges around the ethics of technology and information.

We therefore work with and facilitate ongoing collaboration between companies, institutions, governments, civil society, and experts across the globe. We are extremely proud to be able to support and strengthen the work of our partners, and very grateful for their generous support of our own.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Ford Foundation
One of the world's leading social justice and innovation for good supporters, providing visionary organisations with the tools to succeed.
Providing free end-to-end encrypted messaging and collaborative working spaces.
Providing free end-to-end encrypted messaging and collaborative working spaces.
Swarm is a decentralised storage and communication system for a sovereign digital society.
World leading audio and visual content asset licensing service.
Fair Data Society
Fair Data Society is an initiative for decentralized self-sovereign data commons.
Eco-conscious search engine with a moral focus.
All in one mail, calendar, drive and VPN service for secure private communication.
End to end encrypted private messaging application with multi-functionality.
Transforming data into assets on fair data principles.
An AI platform featuringr high-quality data, real-time insights, trend discovery, and important anomalies.
Panther is an interoperable end-to-end privacy protocol, engineered to lead th way in DeFi and Web3 privacy.
Providing the most reliable residential proxy service offering genuine, whitelisted IPv4 addresses from all over the world.
Innovative tech developers prioritising accessibility and healthy internet practices.
Pen America
PEN America is celebrating 100 years of defending the right to write.
Creators of the GNOME Project, GTK, Flatpak, and other open source technologies.
Environmentally conscious and sustainable mobile phone manufacturing.
UK organisation to champion open technology and open source.
The Social Dilemma
Creators of The Social Dilemma, the hit Netflix documentary.
Women in AI
Nonprofit do-tank championing inclusive AI.
World Institute on Disability
The World Institute on Disability (WID) advances the inclusion, rights and justice of people with disabilities with the design and delivery of whole community solutions.
Endless OS Foundation
Providing OS and technology access solutions to a global audience.
Line group
Line Group is a fiduciary services company based in Gibraltar, managing billions in trust assets, and providing accountancy and advisory services to a global customer base.
Audio culture and music streaming service.
Tech Cabal
Leading Africa's tech conversation, providing news that matters.
Expert event management and planning whatever the scale.
R2 Labs

Worked With

Africa tech festival
Africa's premier tech festival.
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.
The British Standards Institution is the national standards body of the United Kingdom.
Maastricht University
One of the leading research and teaching universities in Europe.
London Tech Week
The UK's leading technology festival with over 20,000 participants annually.
Lloyd's Register Foundation
Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent global charity with a unique structure and an important mission: engineering a safer world.
The Joint Research Centre is the Commission's science and knowledge service.
International Organisation for Standardisation co-ordinating standards worldwide.
GMIS is the converging point for all stakeholders who drive the world of manufacturing towards future prosperity through discussions, debates and knowledge exchange – envisioning what is to come and how to attain it.