Data, Technology & Climate Change


Data, Technology & Climate Change

The 4000 page landmark @IPCC report demonstrates how human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented ways. Technology helps monitor, measure, analyse, & record climate change precisely, yet also contributes to the vast energy consumption damaging our planet.


Whether sending emails or watching Netflix, the analysis & storage of data comes at great energy cost. The processing necessary to train a “large algorithm”, for instance, can require energy equivalent to nearly 5x the lifecycle emissions of a car.

Meanwhile, #data & #tech can unlock and harness the potential of clean energy, enable better understanding of climate change, and improve human behaviour in meaningful and positive ways.

However, Data is often — especially in climate change discourses — misrepresented & misused to serve agenda driven by political & monetary ambition. We must take care to ensure our data guides us correctly — as clear of bias and agenda as possible — if we are to avert disaster.

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