Data Privacy: A Case Study of Mexican Telephone Legislation - Kenzo Balerdi & Nicolás Coppellotti

Kenzo Balerdi's & Nicolás Coppellotti's Student Initiative Submission


Living in the Era of Personalisation - Christina Varytimidou

Christina Varytimidou's WEDF2021 Student Initiative Submission


The Looming Battle Between Technology & Liberty

Define Our Digital Future with the World Ethical Data Forum 2021

What: The World Ethical Data Forum 2021

When: March 17th-19th, 2021


#Privacy2me Campaign


WEDF at Africa Tech Festival

The World Ethical Data Forum Joins Africa Tech Festival to Discuss Combating Internet Misinformation and the Africa Tech Ecosystem


WEDF and Luminati Networks to initiate a first-of-its-kind Data Collection Ethical Committee

Luminati Networks initiates a first-of-its-kind Data Collection Ethical Committee with The World Ethical Data Forum 



Recapping Our Year

2020 will be remembered in history not only for the tumultuous series of events and challenges it posed but also as a significant period of change in all of our lives. Across the world, due in no small part to COVID-19, we have witnessed the broad and rapid digitalization of most spheres of life, from the professional to the personal.


The Problem of Data

On September 4th 2020, WEDF's John Marshall gave an introductory talk at London Tech Week's Ethical Data Festival entitled "The Problem of Data". A non-technical survey, this is a direct transcription of a talk that explored the scope and nature of some of the issues around data. Implicating the entire knowledge economy, and embracing ‘fake news,’ media narratives, and the impact of social media quite as naturally as considerations of bias in data analytics or AI, the issues are non-obvious and may in fact be the most important of our age.

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