Showcasing your Organisation

WEDF offers a global platform for collaborative and open discussions on the current and future concerns surrounding data and its technologies. With speakers, audiences and organizations representing nearly every continent and field, we offer your organisation an invaluable opportunity to showcase and explore your work, views, and strategic approaches in a supportive environment informed by some of the world's very best minds.

Brand Association

By collaborating with WEDF, your organisation demonstrates a strong willingness to openly and transparently engage in crucial and ongoing discussions, ensuring ethical practice and strengthening brand image. The Forum offers promotional opportunities across our digital venue, website, and social media pages, as well as broad exposure across influential broadcast media and online publications.

Define the Discussion

By engaging openly and in good faith, WEDF offers your organisation the opportunity to contribute creatively and curate crucial discussions. By taking an active role in shaping these discussions, we invite you to help define and develop the conceptual tools for the current and future navigation of technology. Join us and affirm your position as a central voice in the future of data and technology.

Understanding & Trust

We aim to engage our partners and sponsors in building understanding about the complex issues surrounding data and technology, thereby fostering trust. Establishing digital trust creates opportunities to engage more people and build inclusive technology. Promoting both understanding and trust within and across your organisation are essential to ensuring that any technology is developed and implemented conscientiously, intelligently, and accountably.