Reading Challenge. Week 1 Computing Machinery and Intelligence by Alan Turing


Reading Challenge. Week 1 Computing Machinery and Intelligence by Alan Turing


The questions that the field of data ethics poses, though complex and difficult, often prove very familiar philosophically. This is extremely fortunate as it means that the rich intellectual histories and traditions of our world’s many cultures, literatures, philosophies, as well as its science are available to aid us. 

Our reading challenge is designed to provide you with an opportunity to encounter some of the incredible works that have been formative to our understanding of the past and present and which will help us guide and navigate our future consciously. 

Join us for our 7 Week Reading Challenge and actively engage with some of the most crucial discussions of our time.




Alan Turing’s seminal paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence asks: ‘can machines think?’. Intertwining philosophical and technical approaches, the 1950 paper investigates whether conversational behaviour of machines and humans can be distinguished. This text laid the foundations for AI, with a long-lasting influence through the retroactively coined ‘Turing test’. 

Computing Machinery and Intelligence:

Alan Turing: Centenary Lectures:

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And, of course, The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, is worthy viewing:

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