Rob McQueen

Rob McQueen is the CEO of the Endless OS Foundation, a US non-profit dedicated to solving the barriers that prevent equitable access to technology and the education and opportunities offered by the digital economy. Rob is an experienced company leader and engineering manager and company leader, and has been a user, developer and advocate for a Free and Open Source desktop for nearly 20 years.

Rob founded the leading open-source consultancy firm Collabora in 2005 and as founder and CTO grew it to 100 people over 10 years, working with top-tier technology clients such as Intel, Google, ARM, HP and Nokia to help them build successful strategies for developing products based around Open Source software. He worked with Endless first in 2015 as a consultant and joined the Endless management team full-time in 2016 to achieve a wider impact on the world with his technical and commercial skills.

Rob is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and currently serves as the President of the GNOME Foundation, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to building a Free and Open Source desktop for end users based on Linux. Rob has a MA (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.