How to Join the WEDF 2022 Event Platform


How to Join the WEDF 2022 Event Platform

We’re using some new tech for this year’s event (thanks again to our development partners Matrix and Element).


It’s new to us – and it might be new to you too. If that’s the case, here’s exactly how to get set up on it.

Video and written instructions for both desktop and mobile are right here:

Join on desktop

Note, for mobile, the instructions are different, read more below.


  1. Go to the registration page on
  2. Choose your username and password and any additional details you want to fill in.
  3. Hit Register. Agree to the privacy policy. Upon success you are sent to the platform.

You can always later log in on using your chosen username and password.

Join on mobile

For mobile, we use the Element Matrix client. Element is our development partner, helping us making the Forum a reality, using their open source technology. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.


iOS Video:

Android video:


  1. Download the Element Messenger app, from the App Store for iOS: or from Google Play: or F-Droid for Android:
  2. Open the Element Messenger app
  3. Click Create an account
  4. On the next screen, click Skip this question.
  5. Click the Edit button next to to change your homeserver to and click Confirm
  6. Enter your chosen username and password and click Next
  7. Click on the checkbox next to the privacy policy and click Next
  8. Now you can personalise your profile, go directly into the platform.

And that’s it. See you on the platform!