Max Peltz

Over the last decade, Max has worked across production and development with films he has been involved in airing on Netflix, Showtime, Hulu, ABC, BBC, Sky and many other international broadcasters. 

In 2014, Max worked at Amber Television, heading up their documentary slate. In this role he oversaw the production of DECADENCE AND DOWNFALL, which was nominated for a Grierson award in 2017, and UNKNOWN MALE NUMBER 1, Sky Italia’s highest ever rated series. In 2016 Max helped to launch Docsville a Documentary Streaming Platform run by renowned BBC executive Nick Fraser, where he produced the feature documentary OINK!

Starting Cavendish Pictures in 2017, Max produced the short film, A FINAL TRUTH, which was acquired by Shorts TV and is available to 25m households around the world. Between 2019-2020, he produced two-seasons of the docuseries, HACKER:HUNTER (2020 Los Angeles Movie Awards, Best Documentary), a Hugo Berkeley series for Tomorrow Unlocked. The series looks at true-crime within the area of cybercrime.

Together with director/producer, Stephen Robert Morse, Max founded LONE WOLF STUDIOS in 2020. Their first production, IN THE COLD DARK NIGHT, was acquired by ABC for North America broadcast and Sky Documentaries, as a Sky Original, for UK broadcast. Following on from this, he produced BAD HOMBRES, a feature documentary which aired on Showtime in October, 2020 and available on demand. 

Currently, Max has a number of documentary and scripted projects in development with various different partners and platforms.