David Edelsohn

David has been at the forefront of Open Source Software and Linux by establishing and expanding the global GNU Toolchain ecosystem and the Linux on IBM Power software ecosystem, and by enhancing the machine learning software ecosystem on IBM Power and IBMz. David has a Ph.D. in computational physics.

David has grown the Open Source ecosystem for Power and IBMz. David initiated the Open Source ecosystem on AIX, which has become a requirement for IBM clients, contributing to billions of dollars of revenue. He contributed the PowerPC and PowerPC64 ports of GCC, and co-developed the PPC64 Linux ABI. David more recently has initiated optimization of the machine learning ecosystem on Power and IBMz, which has become key focus areas for IBM and its clients.

David is a founding member of GCC Steering Committee and GNU Toolchain Fund Trustee, and maintainer of GCC PowerPC port. David initiated the merger of EGCS with the FSF GCC project, GCC features (including auto-vectorization, auto-parallelization and link-time optimization), patent grants to GCC from IBM and Rice University, GPL Runtime Exception license, GNU Toolchain social media presence, and GCC-Rust.