Sanne Kanis

Sanne Kanis is an author and business executive in the Tech & Media sector and is currently working for the global audio platform Podimo. She held various strategic positions at Google, Spotify and BKNG. By establishing global collaborations with quality partners, her mission is to accelerate storytelling and reduce misinformation. Kanis is a senior advisor to DROG, a company that counters sociological online harm globally. They offer public-private solutions to proactively counter online subversion, coordinated inauthentic behavior and disinformation. One of the projects that she led was the development of the online game Breaking Harmony Square, a game that inoculates against political disinformation.

Kanis writes on a weekly basis for het Financieele Dagblad (the Dutch equivalent of FT) to share her opinion on ethics in technology and its impact on our daily lives. Her first novel The Bubble (2019, Uitgeverij Prometheus) raised awareness for ethics in tech, and highlighted the importance of equality for women within the tech space.