Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern leads Tell the Word, a non-profit founded by an ecumenical church in Washington, DC, to spread the truth around on justice issues. Ray titled one of his courses at the church’s Servant Leadership School “The Morality of Whistleblowing”.

In 2001, drawing on his earlier experience as CIA analyst and presidential briefer, Ray co-founded Sam Adams Associates for Integrity (samadamsaward.ch) to show solidarity with courageous whistleblowers. Emblematic of SAA awardees are Coleen Rowley, Katharine Gun, Craig Murray, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, and Annie Machon (2021).

Julian (2010) created an ether-highway on which documentary evidence could securely speed to expose wrongdoing; he languishes in prison. Ed (2013) risked all to expose what he called “turnkey tyranny” — precisely what is at stake as surveillance and censorship flourish.